Old Koehler Brewery Signs

My parents recently drove down to Nashville to visit and brought these old Koehler Brewey signs with them. I’m pretty sure they came from my Grandpa Koehler, but I don’t remember how he got them. I need to ask my Dad or my Grandpa.

I’ve been receiving comments from people related to the old Koehler Brewery in Erie on the About the Brewery page. I don’t think my family is related to the brewery except in name, but I do like to see old Koehler Brewery stuff.

Koehler's - There's no better beer!

Jackson Koehler Brewery Erie, Pa.


5 thoughts on “Old Koehler Brewery Signs

  1. Gary Klaes says:

    I live in erie and have a large collection of koehler and wayne items.. you can see my collection on my web site http://www.waynebrew.com.. always looking for something new.. Gary

  2. Shawn Koehler says:

    Those are great! Nice collection. Looks like there are more on eBay, but much cooler that your grandfather had them. The poster is hilarious.

  3. Beth says:

    Erie Brewing (Erie Beer) became Koehler Brewing. Recently found GREAT family provenance from Erie newspaper… will need to look up dates, etc. but VERY EXCITING.

  4. Ron Rachic says:

    “brewed with the Dutch touch” was my first draft beer at Mellilo’s Tavern, Lowellville OHIO. A local tavern on Liberty street. God Bless America! I miss the good old days!

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