Brewery Upgrade

The Koehler Brewery has undergone a series of upgrades. Get your pants on, this is serious business.

(1) I purchased the domain name. Now you can save yourself from having to type wordpress. before you type That’s an amazing 40% fewer characters.

(2) I setup a Google Apps account for my new domain. That means I have up to 50 email accounts The public outcry for Koehler Beer email accounts makes me wonder why no one previously registered the domain. If you too are salivating over the idea of a shiny new Koehler Beer email account, ask away.

(3) I purchased a new More Beer 15 Gallon Heavy Duty Modified Kettle on sale from the Big Give Back. It’s monsterous and has a far heavier bottom than the 10 Gallon PolarWare Kettle I was using previously. The PolarWare has turned into a hot liquor tank.

(4) Along with the new kettle, I bought a new 50′ immersion chiller, also on sale from the Big Give Back. The old chiller has become a pre-chiller that will go in an ice bath to finish off cooling with a bang.


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