Hop Progress

One of the Centennial plants broke through the soil this weekend. It’s now about an inch tall, so it’s growing pretty quickly. No activity from the other plants. I am a little worried that the plants have been getting too much water and that the roots will rot. There’s been a considerable amount of rain recently. I always empty the trays under the pots after the rain to try to keep the drainage as effective as possible. I thought about bringing the plants inside on days when we are supposed to get rain, but root rot is only a possibility, a baby digging up the roots is guaranteed if the plants are inside.

I also got permission to bring my hops to work. There is an old silo at the office. My plan is to run some hop twine from the pots up to one of the metal bands around the silo. The silo gets great sunlight and should be an excellent place for the hops to grow. Since I am at work all day as well, it’ll be easier for me to tend to them there during breaks.

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